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Business & Investment

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Finance & revenues

Council Tax and Business rates information, finance documents and more.

  • Budget Consultation

    Each year starting at the end of August the Council carry out a Budget Consultation exercise so that local residents can have their say on how the Council spend their Council Tax. The information received from this Consultation is used to help the Council in setting its budget for the following year.

  • Business Rates

    Business Rates are not a payment for specific services but are a contribution from businesses towards all the local services provided by the Council for the community.

  • Corporate debt recovery

    The recovery team focus on collecting monies from those people who are in arrears with their Council Tax and Business Rates. Find out how they operate and who to contact if you are in arrears.

  • Council Tax

    Find out if you may be entitled to a Council Tax discount, which types of dwelling are exempt from Council Tax, special reductions for people with disabilities, as well as details on how you can pay your Council Tax, and what can happen if you don't.

  • Finance documents

    Download the latest Sedgemoor District Council's finance documents including Statement of Accounts, Medium Term Financial Plan, Scale of charges and Council Tax & Housing Rents.

  • Internal Audit

    Internal audit is provided by the South West Audit Partnership (SWAP).

  • Insurance Claims Portal

  • Parish precepts

    Parish Councils within Sedgemoor apply to Sedgemoor District Council for a precept each year.

  • Payments

    Find out how to make payments to Sedgemoor District Council, and how we deal with payments owed to you.

  • Purchase order terms and conditions

    Terms and conditions for Sedgemoor District Council purchase orders.

  • Sundry debts

    The revenues service at Sedgemoor District Council is responsible for collecting miscellaneous debts.

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