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Funeral, cremations & memorials

The Clean Surroundings section at Sedgemoor District Council are responsible for funeral and memorial arrangements as well as the upkeep of a number of cemeteries.

We are currently making ready spaces reserved at Quantock Road Cemetery and St John's Cemetery in Bristol Road, Bridgwater. Opening times are 8:00am until dusk. 

The Cemeteries administrator can be contacted at Colley Lane, Monday to Friday 9:00am to 4:00pm except for Public Holidays.  

We can, at Sedgemoor District Council's discretion, arrange for a tree or bench to be planted in our parks and certain open spaces to commemorate the memory of a loved one or to recognise a special event or anniversary for your club and organisation.

The location and type of memorial can be sensitive issues and we are able to offer advice in this respect. Ideas and prices for suitable trees, benches and accompanying plaques are available upon request. Our normal practice is for the donor to supply the tree, bench and plaque and for Sedgemoor District Council to then arrange for the installation for a nominal fee.

The practice of cremation and burial is carried out within specific statutes such as The Local Authorities Cemeteries Order 1977.

How to arrange a funeral

To arrange a funeral you must contact a Funeral Director of your choice, who will then forward the necessary information to the Cemeteries Office.

The role of a Funeral Director is to take care of practical arrangements for you. This means advising you of the options and choices for the funeral and seeing that arrangements are made in accordance with your wishes and those of the deceased. You will need to make an early decision about:

  • whether it will be a burial or cremation

  • when the service will happen (day, date and time)

  • where it will happen (Church, Cremation Chapel, Cemetery Chapel, Graveside or elsewhere)

Memorials are to be arranged with a Monumental Mason with written confirmation from the Cemeteries Office.

For prior purchase of spaces, or for information on graves or cremation spaces already purchased, please contact us.

Closed churchyards

Clean Surroundings takes care of the maintenance of the Closed Churchyards. These are churchyards which are no longer used for burials. The authority currently maintains 22 closed churchyards and are responsible for such items as grass cutting, tree and shrub maintenance and repairs to walls, paths and fencing within the closed churchyards listed below.

  • The Quakers Ground, Albert Street, Bridgwater
  • Holy Trinity Church, Hamp Street, Bridgwater
  • St John the Baptist Church, Church Street, Bridgwater
  • St Mary's Church, St Mary Street, Bridgwater
  • St Andrew's Church, Victoria Street, Burnham-on-Sea
  • St Mary's Church, Moorlinch
  • St Gregory's Church, Weare
  • St Mary's Church, North Petherton
  • All Saints Church, Otterhampton
  • St Mary's Church, Westonzoyland
  • All Saints Church, Durleigh
  • St John's Church, Axbridge
  • Wembdon Road Cemetery, Wembdon Road, Bridgwater
  • St Bartholomew's Church, East Lyng
  • La Retraite Burial Grounds, Priory Gardens, Burnham-on-Sea
  • St Mary's Church, Wedmore.

The following local/church Councils have elected to receive grant aid towards the maintenance of their closed churchyards:

  • St Mary's Church, Berrow
  • St Michael's Church, Othery
  • Church of the Holy Cross, Mark
  • St Mary's Church, Woolavington
  • St Mary's Church, Cannington
  • St Leonard's Church, Shipham
  • St Mary's Church, East Brent

  • Reservations and fees for burials, cremations & memorials

    Current List of Fees can be obtained from the Cemeteries Officer.

  • Memorial testing

    Sedgemoor District Council is undertaking a programme of memorial testing and repair in the closed churchyards and cemeteries of Sedgemoor. The work is necessary to ensure the safety of those visiting or working in Sedgemoor's graveyards.

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