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Somerset County Council Elections

On 4th May 2017, Somerset County Council will be electing its entire council, here in Sedgemoor we will be electing across 12 divisions. You can find out all about the candidates and timetables as they are available.

Information about Somerset County Council and becoming a County Councillor can be found here:SCC Elections Page

Information regarding the electoral process can be found via The Electoral Commission: Candidate Information - Electoral Commission

if you you require nomination forms please contact Electoral Services (contact details below) or visit The Electoral Commission: Electoral Commission

Key dates for the County Council Elections on 4th May 2017 are:

The Notice of Election can be found here: pdf icon Notice of Election -Somerset County Council Elections [61kb]

The Statement of Persons Nominated can be found here: pdf icon Statement of Persons Nominated - Somerset County Council 2017 [151kb]

The appointment of election agents can be found here: pdf icon Appointment of Election Agents - Somerset County Council 2017 [69kb]

The Notice of Poll combined with the situation of polling stations can be found here: pdf icon Notice of Poll - May 2017 [152kb]

To be eligible to vote in the County Council Elections you need to be:

Where is my polling station?

Follow this link Where is my polling station? and enter your postcode to find out which polling station you need to go to