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The Council

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Elections and voting

Sedgemoor district Elections results and information, and details of any scheduled By Elections

The most recent Elections took place on 7th May 2015. New composition of Sedgemoor District Council:

  • Conservative - 35 seats
  • Labour - 10 seats
  • UK independence Party - 2 seats
  • Liberal Democrats- 1 seat

Future Elections:

Police Crime Commissioner Election - Thursday 5th May 2016

Somerset County Council Elections

May 2018 - No scheduled elections

May 2019 -  District & Parish Council Elections (every 4 years), European Elections (every 5 years)

May 2020 -  Parliamentary (every 5 years), Police & Crime Commissioners (every 4 years)

May 2021 - Somerset County Council Elections (every 4 years)

May 2022 - No scheduled elections

May 2023 - District & Parish Council Elections (every 4 years)

May 2024 - European Elections (every 5 years), Police & Crime Commissioners (every 4 years)

  • Scheduled By Elections/Vacancies

  • Election results from previous years

    Below are the results from previous years elections

  • Register of Electors - Annual Electoral Canvass

    If you're not registered you cannot vote! The electoral roll is a public document listing all registered and eligible electors with their listed address within the District.

  • About My Vote

    About My Vote is a website produced by The Electoral Commission and provides more detailed information on registering to vote, how to vote, and how to vote if you are in the armed forces, are a British citizen living abroad, or if you are a student. You can also download all relevant voting forms.

  • Somerset County Council Elections

    On 4th May 2017, Somerset County Council will be electing its entire council, here in Sedgemoor we will be electing across 12 divisions. You can find out all about the candidates and timetables as they are available.

  • Elections - 7th May 2015

    Elections happening in Sedgemoor on the 7th May 2015 include: UK Parliamentary General Election, Sedgemoor District Council Elections and Town/Parish Council Elections

  • Police Crime Commissioner Election - Thursday 5th May 2016

    Elections for Police Crime Commissioners will be on Thursday 5th May 2016

  • EU Referendum 2016

    The referendum on the UK's membership of the European Union takes place on Thursday 23 June 2016.

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