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Legal & democratic services

What do the legal and democratic services at Sedgemoor District Council do?

Legal services

Legal Services is part of the Legal and Democratic Services Department. The Legal Services section provides legal advice and services to Councillors and Officers of the Council. The Section assists and advises on all areas of law relevant to the Council's functions and activities. Advice can also be given to Parish Council's. However, a charge for these services may be payable.

Legal advice cannot be given to members of the public, please contact the Citizen's Advice Bureau or a local Solicitor.

Democratic services

One of the main roles of Democratic Services is to organise the Committee meetings at which the elected district councillors make decisions for the well being of the community.

Electoral services

Electoral Services is a statutory function and aims to increase public awareness of local democracy and maximise voter turnout through the efficient and effective organisation of elections and registration of voters.

Land charges

The Local Land Charges Service is here to inform you, the prospective purchaser, of information that may affect a particular property or plot of land that you are interested in.

The Local Land Charges section maintains a Register that is updated on a regular basis in order to provide answers to search requests. The section also collates information relating to planning, road adoption, building regulations and environmental health, in order to assist the process.

Our application database for information on Register details and inspections can be searched using Land Charges Online.

For more information and assistance please see the Land Registry website.

  • Street naming and numbering

    Sedgemoor District Council manages the naming of streets and the numbering or naming of properties within a street.

  • Procurement

    The procurement unit at Sedgemoor District Council is developing ways to buy goods and services we need in accordance with Best Value principles.

  • Searches and fees information

    Each year we process a huge number of searches for people making domestic or commercial land/property transactions. Many ordinary people are quite unaware of exactly what a search will tell them.

  • Bylaws

    Sedgemoor District Council has created a bylaw under provisions of section 235 of the local government act 1972 for the Good Rule and Government of the District of Sedgemoor.

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