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Sedgemoor Lifeline

A lifeline alarm will help to keep you safe in your home by putting you in touch with our dedicated team of staff if you need help, every day of the year.

We are fully TSA accredited and offer a choice of service to a wide range of customers. Our experienced staff are here 24 hours a day, giving you affordable peace of mind in case you need help. We're here so you can get on with your life without worry; we give you a wearable pendant or wrist band.

Telephone: 01278 435776 (daytime)

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Essential Lifeline Service:

The essential service includes full 24 hours a day monitoring but excludes the call out/visiting service. If you press your alarm we'll talk to you see if we can help, but if there is a problem, we'll call your named contact or the Emergency Services.

The Essential Lifeline service special offer price is £3.00 per week for new users (£13.00 per month) for a limited time only - the standard price is £3.75 per week.

lifeline staff Full Response Lifeline Service:

The full service includes 24 hour a day monitoring plus a dedicated call out service where our trained lifeline officers will visit the lifeline user in his/her home if this is needed following an alarm activation. We may also need to call the key holder and/or the emergency services.

The Full Response Lifeline service price is £4.50 per week (£19.50 per month)

Payment is by Direct Debit. All income is invested in community safety services.

Special Offer

Sign up for free

Get 2 months free , plus free installation when you pay by Direct Debit.

Offer expires 30th September.

Additional Services:

We also offer additional service options for Lifeline users. For example, we can monitor a carbon monoxide sensor and smoke alarm for under £1 per week. See the Full list of additional Lifeline service options.


Enquire online or call us on 01278 435776 (daytime)

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