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Local Labour Agreements

In order to help improve local employment and training opportunities for local residents, Sedgemoor District Council adopted an 'Employment and Skills Charter' policy.


  • Local Labour Agreements (LLAs) involve a commitment from employers or developers to sign up to the Employment and Skills Charter in order to commit to try and recruit and procure services locally.
  • Where 10 or more jobs are proposed, through adopted planning policy the Council will seek to enter into an LLA secured through either a planning condition or legal agreement (S.106).
  • Smaller employment developments do not need to have an LLA, although a voluntary written commitment (for example, within planning applications) to try to recruit and procure locally will be welcomed and encouraged.


In order to help improve local employment and training opportunities for local residents, Sedgemoor District Council adopted an 'Employment and Skills Charter' policy in May 2009, now included under Policy D 11 of the LDF adopted Core Strategy (2011).

Under this policy, for employment developments that propose 10 or more jobs in total, the Council will seek to enter into a Local Labour Agreement with the Developer/ Applicant in accordance with the Council's adopted Employment and Skills Charter that sets out the following:

  • An agreed % target for local labour
  • A training and recruitment plan and
  • Commitment to an agreed proportion of local procurement of services and supplies".

In the case of very large developments, the Local Authority may request some degree of information sharing and monitoring of the above, for example, headline recruitment information on a quarterly basis. This will take the form of clause within a legal 'Section 106' agreement or be included as a planning condition.

For developments proposing less than 10 new jobs, no formal Local Labour Agreement is required, although adherence to the spirit of the Employment and Skills Charter (i.e. local recruitment, procurement and training where possible) is welcomed within any formal planning application made.


Sedgemoor District Council has become the first local authority in Somerset to gain the prestigious National Skills Academy for Construction status from the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB).

The accreditation means that the Council can work with developers, builders and training partners on construction projects (value over £1million) in the district, to increase economic growth by creating skills, training and employment opportunities.

Sedgemoor's aim in applying for the status is to adopt the approach across all its planning and procurement activities which will lead to more consistency and best practice in terms of employment and skills on sites and in the supply chain. 

For more information please contact the Employment and Skills Manager.

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